AGA Online Community Association Tracking System – OCATS


We have developed – and offer to all of our clients at no charge – a unique internet-based assessment recovery and management system called OCATS©.

On-Line Referral of Delinquent Accounts

OCATS© allows board members and managers to log on from home or office and refer a new delinquent account to Ansell online by completing some basic information about the delinquent owner.

24/7/365 Access to Account Status

Because OCATS© is a web based application, information is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from wherever you have internet access. All of the information is provided to you in real-time.

Monthly Status Reports

The information in monthly status reports may often be stale and outdated before it even hits your office, making the reports relatively useless for a board attempting to assess collection statuses at meetings. Providing instant, real-time information is a critical part of successful assessment collection. To that end, OCATS© provides several types of status reports, some exportable to Excel©, to advise you in an instant where we are in the collection process. In addition, OCATS© can automatically email these reports to your office prior to a board meeting.

Collection Tracking

Perhaps the most important feature of OCATS© is its ability to track the relevant time periods of each delinquent account so that delays in the process can be minimized. OCATS© provides us with a calendaring system, readying a collection matter for the “next step”. If we need your authorization to proceed to the next step, OCATS© can also request your online authorization via e-mail. With this tracking feature, accounts are less likely to “fall through the cracks”, or stall due to routine administrative steps.

Instant Messaging

To improve the communication between ourselves, board members and property managers, OCATS© allows you to add case notes or comments on a particular delinquent account. The responsible paralegal is immediately notified of your note or comment and will be able to act accordingly. This instant messaging greatly improves communication and collection successes and reduces legal fees.

Going Paperless

Many of our clients have expressed the desire to eliminate the need for paper files, and some have already started this process. OCATS© allows clients to avoid paper collection files through its document attachment feature. You can view important collection documents, such as letters from delinquent owners, governing documents and collection policies, without having to search your files or wait for us to manually send you a document. This also helps reduce legal fees.


As part of our continuing commitment to education, OCATS© has an extensive list of collection and non-collection FAQs for your use and convenience. These FAQs provide boards and managers guidance on collection procedures and general issues faced every day. To access a particular FAQ, simply click on the question and you will be taken directly to the answer. If your question does not appear in the FAQs, send us an email by clicking on the feedback button also located at the top of each page. We may very well add your question to our frequently updated list.

Accounting Integration

OCATS© may be integrated with your accounting software. Integration permits you to export a new delinquent account from your software application as well as update an existing delinquent account online. This saves time and effort normally connected to the manual creation of new accounts. OCATS© also allows us to establish “recurring charges” which automatically post monthly assessments while the account remains delinquent.

To request an online or in-house demonstration of OCATS©, please contact David Byrne by telephone at (609) 557-1031 or by email at