CAP Group Assessment Recovery & Management Services

Assessment Recovery & Management Services

Ansell Grimm & Aaron attorneys take a thorough and thoughtful view of a community’s unpaid assessments. We do not believe that unpaid assessments are ordinary “collections” matters. This, in turn, allows us to bring a more efficient, modern and cost-effective approach to the difficulties faced by communities and buildings ravaged by widespread arrearages, bankruptcies, foreclosures, abandoned homes and units and unemployed owners.

We work side-by-side with our boards and managing agents to devise strategies narrowly tailored to the particular situations, arrearages and/or disputes presented.

All strategies are considered – and always with the client’s financial position in mind – whether they be negotiation, monitoring, settlement, money judgment, foreclosure and/or rent receiverships. We handle these matters while balancing the client’s need to manage and limit its legal fees and costs. In the end, we help our clients create a ‘culture of payment’ in and throughout their communities and buildings.

This approach would not be possible without the interest and involvement of management and our boards. Only when legal counsel, management and board members are integrated and communicating at every level can an association and building maximize the effectiveness of its   assessment recovery and management program.